Gentle fitness is easy & important for our health. Here are some helpful tips to get you started!

Stretch to feel better

Get up from your chair & STRETCH!! (frequently throughout YOUR day!)FEEL BETTER?  YES!!  

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Spring is coming

Spring is is the time to improve our ENDURANCE & STAMINA to boost our ENERGY levels!

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Start your Day with Exercise

Starting your day with EXERCISE gives you MORE ENERGY for the rest of the DAY! Sally Sunshine Gentle Fitness offers a variety of Seniors' Fitness Classes for ALL levels of fitness, DAILY in various locations throughout Owen Sound!

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Gentle Activity to Reduce Pain

Get ACTIVE to get PAIN-FREE! GENTLE ACTIVITY can actually REDUCE PAIN by boosting serotonin levels in the body, which increases the flexibility of blood vessels & reduces pain perception in the brain.

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Think yourself Happy

It's hard to believe but, BRAIN SCANS have revealed that simply 'imagining' something provokes activity in the very parts of the brain that would have been active if you were having the real experience! This suggests that 'thinking yourself' into happy situations (like eating a banana split?) could actually make you…

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Sitting is the new Smoking

We should do our best to avoid prolonged periods or just too much of it!Watch this short video for a quick & simple exercise that will help undo the damage from excessive sitting or help improve your posture & strengthen your core!!!

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Poor core strength

Pull in your belly to PROTECT your BACK! Poor CORE STRENGTH makes you more susceptible to INJURY & LOWER BACK PAIN, as the spine is forced into adopting unnatural positions. To support your lower back, pull your navel inwards OFTEN, until it becomes automatic.

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Laughter to release tension

Studies have shown that LAUGHTER is a great way to RELEASE inner tension & IMPROVE your outlook on life! Laughter has been famously said to be the best medicine, and for good reason. Not only does laughter release endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects, but it also helps to reduce stress hormones…

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Sally Sunshine FUN Fact #22

After a big meal, most of the body's OXYGEN is taken up by the intestines as they deal with the process of digestion, which means the BRAIN gets less. This is why you OFTEN feel SLEEPY after a large meal! Try eating a lighter lunch for a more ALERT afternoon!

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Gentle movements for neck pain

NECK PAIN & tightness can be helped greatly, by frequent but GENTLE movement. Shrug your shoulders up & downSlowly turn your head from side to side, pausing in frontSlowly tilt your ear toward your shoulder, pausing in frontPull your chin inward while your 'gaze' remains parallel with the floor  Repeat…

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