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I am really enjoying the classes & the program flexibility is great; if I can’t attend a Zoom class, I can catch up with a video later in the week!   
– Janice C

May 9, 2024
(client had a hip replacement Jan 2024)

“Hi Sally, I just did my first floor exercises since December 2023 & I am THRILLED to say I had no pain at all & the flexibility on my right side is on a par with my left, which has not been the case for years. I can also do the pretzel & #4 stretches with no pain!
So, I have to say the surgery has been a huge success! It has restored my soft tissues that I knew were too tight but I had no idea to what extent! I’m excited to ride my bicycle again!

Thanks again for your wonderful routines that I have been doing with you for 10+ years now! They have made a huge difference to my recovery!”
– Kathy M

Kathy has been a regular participant in my cardio & strength classes for at least 10 years. During COVID she switched to my online classes & attended my Yoga & Cardio/Strength classes. She continues to join us on Zoom or she watches my videos on YouTube to participate in at least 3-5 classes per week!

“I like being motivated to do this every day & the time works well for me, thanks for helping us all become healthier!  Over the past 2 years with you, I have gone from 133 lbs down to 105 lbs!  THANK-YOU!
– Diane H

“Thanks Sally. I LOVE your classes! And, I admire your dedication to all of us!”
– Linda M

“Sally, your fitness sessions are seriously awesome! I love exercising with you on Zoom some days & with your YouTube videos at other times! They are so convenient!  Your positive attitude is truly motivating & I love the golden oldies music!”
    – Leslie S

“I so look forward to your online yoga classes every week!  They are such a fun & positive experience!
I’ve seen an overall beneficial & healthy difference; both physically & mentally…thank-you Sally!” 
     – Gloria B

In terms of the rating, I would give the classes 5 stars. I am  finding that your classes are  strengthening my muscles & one day when I had foot pain, it went away after the stretching in the class! I am happy also that your classes with yoga & core toning are geared to us older women. It is great that you are adapting the exercises for aging persons. Thank-you!
– Joanne K

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