Yoga for seniors classes

Yoga for Seniors Class

In April, I am taking the plunge back into teaching ‘live in person’ Yoga classes to be offered at 2 locations, on Tuesdays & Thursdays. These 2 new ‘Yoga for Seniors’ classes begin in April & will run weekly for 7 months, ending Oct 24 & 26.

At that time you may continue with these classes online on Zoom until spring again! Or, hopefully the ALC-GB will again, host a video class in it’s place! The online classes have been running for 2+ years on Zoom. Inquire for details!)

NOTE: BALLS are available to purchase now for $10 (tax incl) & can be picked up from now from my home, or later at class.

Yoga for Seniors Class
Begins on April 4, Tuesdays at 11:00
The New Life Centre (NLC)
201 – 4th Ave West, Owen Sound
The NLC is the brick building located beside the Christian Reformed Church (CRC), & houses their offices & several rental rooms.
They have a large shared parking lot & A/C (a must for fitness classes!)
No memberships here, I am renting a large room with chairs.
This class is for all ages & can be adapted for all fitness levels!
– 1 hour of dynamic stretching, deep breathing, flexibility & balance exercises AND modified yoga poses, using chairs for support when necessary
– Will help improve posture, balance, strength, breathing capacity
– May be performed seated if desired
– SAFE for Beginners!
– No floor work
– 5 mins of Seated CORE toning with small balls (see below for info)
– $8.00 per class / drop in class 
– Required: small squeezable ball 6-9″ across. 

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