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Wed Heritage Place Mall Seniors’ Seated Chair Yoga

Suitable for Beginners

This 50-minute gentle seated Chair Yoga class is suitable for seniors of all fitness levels!
It is designed to improve flexibility, mobility, strength, posture, balance, mood & brain function; therefore, improving overall health! 

Helps to prevent FALLS!

Format: Gentle stretching & flexibility work, focusing on deep breathing, moving all of your muscles slowly; from head to fingers, to toes!  

Optional 5 mins of standing BALANCE exercise at the END of the class.

NO floor work.  No equipment required.

Instructor Sally MacDonald is a certified senior’s fitness instructor with many years of experience working with older adults of all ages, in our community!

FIRST weekly CLASS: Wednesday April 3, 2024 at 2:00 pm

Our beautiful & completely PRIVATE classroom is located behind the windows painted with a mural on the Right-hand side of the mall, opposite Service Canada & washrooms.

Enter the store beside Cali Nails into Sally’s RECEPTION AREA to gain access to the private classroom.

BEST PRICE: $10.00 per class paid monthly in advance.
Drop in price $13.00 per class.

Sorry no refunds when paying in advance.
Payments accepted: e-Transfer, cash, or cheque.

To contact Sally MacDonald call 519-270-6747 or email: [email protected]

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