Sally’s Fit Tips

A simple exercise that anyone of any age, can do at home, to improve your balance and posture.  

Perform the following exercise daily, and you will notice improvement in your balance after 2 weeks!

PLEASE NEVER compromise YOUR SAFETY!  If your sense of balance is poor, please hold onto a handrail, wall, another person, a sturdy chair, or your assistive device;  while performing this exercise.

In your house:  Practise your best posture, raise up on your toes and go for a walk from room to room, circling around each room and working your way back to the start, for a round trip of 5 minutes or more.  DO NOT walk up or down a staircase on your tip toes.

In your apartment:  Go for a walk down the hallway and back, for a round trip of 5 minutes or more, while walking up on your toes.

Specifics:  Keep your knees slightly bent throughout and stand up tall and straight with your head held high, with your chin pulled in, and your shoulders gently pulled back and down. 

As they say…….Practice makes perfect!

Note:  Before starting any physical activity program, it’s advisable to consult with your doctor first.


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