Start a Food Journal

FOOD JOURNALS WORK! Try this.....Write down EVERYTHING you eat & drink for 3 days.  Include ALL condiments, sauces, dressings and oils used in cooking.......OR use an 'APP' to track, there are many!When you analyze your results you may unravel the mystery!Are your portion sizes larger than necessary? Are you consuming needless calories…

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Keeping a food journal

Keeping a 'food journal' is a great methodto help us cut down on our caloric intake..... by making us aware of how much we eat each day& where our weaknesses are.Then re-balance your diet in favour oflow-fat fruits, veggies & complex carbs.

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Sally’s Health Tips

Hot sunny weather gets us outdoors and this is great for us in so many ways!  We are getting more active and absorbing valuable vitamin D from the sun, just to name a few.   Please remember there are also hazards to over-exposure to direct sunlight.  It just takes a little…

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