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Sally Sunshine Gentle Fitness presents:

Senior’s 20-min. Strength Training Video 

Resistance Bands & Balls

BEFORE YOU BEGIN:  You will need to purchase a small soft sturdy ball and a resistance band.  They are available to purchase from this website, from the SHOP page; or you may call or email Sally, to arrange for pickup or delivery.

Once, you have your sturdy chair in place, your ball and band handy, and perhaps a glass of water;  you are ready to begin!  

Follow along with this 20 minute Older Adult’s Strength Training Workout video below:  

It begins with an easy, gentle warm up of all the joints and muscles.  All of the Resistance Band and Ball exercises should be performed slowly in sets of 8 repetitions.  In the beginning you may find it difficult to do 8 times. ONLY do the exercises that you can do comfortably.  STOP if you feel PAIN!  NEVER work through the pain.  If you become fatigued or short of breath, pause the video and take a short break.  This video can be performed 2-3 times per week for optimal results. In a few weeks, you should begin to feel stronger and may find you have more energy too!  HAVE FUN exercising!

Sally Sunshine Gentle Fitness presents:

Low Impact 20 min Cardio / Aerobic Exercise Routine

for Active Older Adults & Senior’s

To view this short video, please click this link:

For more details see Class Schedule: Click Here 

You may exercise along with this video for a brief but fun workout! Before starting any new physical activity program, it is recommended that you consult your doctor first, and only do what you are able to to do comfortably.  Stop and take a break, if you become winded or fatigued, sit down if necessary or lower your arms or your legs.

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