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From J.S. Season’s Retirement Community Nov 1, 2019

One of the residents was saying how much they enjoy your Chair Yoga classes!   You’re doing a great job girl!
You are providing a great service Sally and educating the community in the process!  I believe it’s helping to keep people healthier!

Kathy Barratt May 25, 2014:
I have been participating in the V.O.N. ‘SMART’ Group Exercise program (Seniors Maintaining Active Lives Together) since the fall of 2013. If anyone had told me that I would still be attending 2 classes per week and enjoying them back then, I would have thought they were crazy. I SO look forward to these exercise classes. I love the group I am with and we always have fun. Not to mention what a change it has made to my mobility. I was unable to touch my hands behind my back when I started and now I can almost clasp my wrists. I feel so good after class and it gives me more energy. For all of this and more, I owe thanks to the V.O.N. ‘SMART’ Group Exercise program and their leaders, one of whom is Sally MacDonald.

From Susan Kraus on March 2016:
Sally, I love the Standing Class at St. Georges – you are such a great motivator of all ages! I am glad that I started back to fitness with you. I realize that I have a lot to get caught up on in my fitness and you always make it so much fun!

From Joy & Harold Fry on March 2016:
Sally, I just want to thank you for running these classes (in our condominium), my husband and I feel so much better! You have enhanced our lives!

From Ruth & Morley Kaufman on February 2016:
An excerpt from their hand-written letter: Since we began coming to Sally’s classes and exercising faithfully with my caring friends, I am now able to climb our stairs with ease, i have more energy, and am slowly losing some excess weight. How great is that? These classes, have given me a new lease on life!

From Shirley Shortt in Sept. 2016:
Thank you Sally! I will miss your leadership at the Thurs. SMART VON exercise classes in Meaford. You always challenged us with variety & fun, & enjoyable ways to exercise. I hope you’ll be able to come back to Meaford again!

From Lorraine Turpin on January 2017: Sally, thank-you for creating a strength trining program for me. It was so nice of you to stay longer until we had completed all of it. Thanks!

From the Folks at Central Place in March 2017: Sally, thanks so much for teaching exercise class to us during March Break!  It was great to see you!

From Phoebe Sanderson in March 2017: Dear Sally, Thanks for your time, effort & assistance with the exercise classes, you ran at the Pottawatomi Gardens. Even though the class was small, we all had a lot of fun! Down the road, I just might connect you you again!

From Maxine Scott in March, 2017:
Thank you for keeping us going here at Corbet Place (for the past year), even though our numbers became smaller. If we can round up enough in the fall to make it worthwhile for you to come here again, we’ll let you know. Some us us will see you at the Seniors Centre in the upcoming months. Thanks again for your dedication.

From Margaret Brown in April 2017:
Dear Sally, The class at the Active Lifestyles Senior’s Centre, Grey Bruce, was a lot of fun today! You really keep it interesting with the variety of exercises you give us. 🙂

From the V.O.N.’s Meaford SMART Level 2
‘Exercise Class Participants’ in September 2017:

We’ll miss you! You are a ‘ray of sunshine’ ….Pat G.
You will be greatly missed, thank-you! ….Lynn
Thank you for your enthusiastic mentorship! ….Pauline (aspiring new instructor!)
Come back next year!….Chris W.

From Susan Kraus in September, 2017:
I always look forward to Mondays at the Senior’s Centre, as you make fitness FUN and Worthwhile!

From Carol Smith in January, 2018:
It is amazing to me how driven you are to improve yourself. You have more verve than any one I know!

From Lorraine Turpin in March, 2018:
I attend Sally’s exercise classes Monday & Wednesday from 5:00 – 6:00 pm.  I love the workout!  Sally frequently updates the format of the exercise program to keep the classes interesting and fun.  I recommend this class to anyone who wants to get in shape and stay fit.  A great workout!  

From Elaine Esser & Evie Noble in July, 2018
We are so sorry that you leaving (no longer instructing the VON St. George’s Mon 1-2 pm class).  You have been a real encouragement to us in getting us to breathe & exercise.  All the best with your other projects, we will miss your cheery smile!

From Daphne Tobin in July, 2018
Thank-you for making exercise enjoyable.  I felt better after each class, for you putting us through an hour of movement to good music.  Enjoy the little extra time to yourself.

From Eleanor Rollinson in July, 2018
You are & have been a great instructor!  I wish you the very best!

From Jewel Spencer in July, 2018
Have enjoyed your class, will miss you!

From Velma Specht in July, 2018
Already missing you like crazy!

From V.O.N. Coordinator in December, 2018
Thank-you for all that you do!  You’ve got a very special spark that can light up any room!   Your clients are lucky to have YOU as their mentor!  Thank-you!

From Janice Arnold in December, 2018
Thank-you for making ‘exercise’ an enjoyable experience!

From Lorraine Turpin in December, 2018
Thank-you for being such a wonderful aerobics instructor!  YOU are the BEST!

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