Sally Sunshine FUN Fact #22

After a big meal, most of the body’s OXYGEN is taken up by the intestines as they deal with the process of digestion, which means the BRAIN gets less.

This is why you OFTEN feel SLEEPY after a large meal!

Try eating a lighter lunch for a more ALERT afternoon!

Sally Sunshine FUN Fact #21

NECK PAIN & tightness can be helped greatly, by frequent but GENTLE movement.

  • Shrugging shoulders up & down
  • Slowly turning your head from side to side, pausing at front
  • Slowly tilting your ear toward your shoulder, pausing at front
  • Pulling your chin inward while your ‘gaze’ remains parallel with the floor 

Repeat each exercise 2-5 times.  For best results, perform them OFTEN throughout your day.

Remember to be GENTLE & NEVER go to the point of pain!

Sally Sunshine FUN Fact #18

Walking is an excellent way to exercise your lower body & organs!

Adding walking poles, when used correctly, will work up to 90% of your muscles, while also reducing impact on lower extremities & joints. 

Another way to get more benefit from walking is by carrying a bottle of water in each hand, or 1-2 lb. weights.  Adding weight helps to strengthen your bones & joints besides increasing your cardio workout!

Sally Sunshine FUN Fact #17

Strengthen your CORE by practising correct posture!

Stand or Sit TALL, pull your chin inward until your ears are in line with shoulders.
Roll your shoulders up, back & down, then maintain a slight squeeze between your shoulder blades.
Pull your navel in & maintain a constant squeeze of your abdominal muscles.
Practising correct posture frequently, will also improve your BALANCE!

Sally Sunshine FUN Fact #16

EXERCISE reduces FAT TISSUE in the body AND makes cells more responsive to insulin! 

Exercising 5 – 7 times a week, has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes by 45%!
Exercising 2 – 4 times per week, reduces the risk by 40%.
EVEN exercising just once a week, reduces the risk by 25%.


Sally Sunshine FUN Fact #15

Nuts are rich in unsaturated fats & vitamin E

These have been linked to a REDUCED RISK of HEART DISEASE in frequent nut eaters, who are 1/3 less likely to suffer such problems.

Just watch your portion sizes, as healthy fat is still high in calories!

Sally Sunshine FUN Fact #14

The pelvic tilt is proven to strengthen the ABDOMINALS! 

Lie on your back with knees bent & feet flat on floor.
Exhale & draw your abdominal muscles inward & downward towards your spine.
HOLD for one inhalation.
Practise until you can HOLD for 5 seconds.
Repeat 3-10 times.  Can be performed daily.