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On each page of this website you will find links along the right side to POSTERS from P.A.R.C., the Canadian Physical Resource Centre.  

These posters and others, may be ordered online at no charge, by anyone wishing to promote physical activity in Adults aged 18-64 or Adults aged 64+ To order visit this website:  http://parc.ophea.net/resources

The guidelines are in place to help combat inactivity or sedentary living, to reduce the risk of chronic disease and/or premature death and to maintain functional independence & mobility. 

If YOUR PRIORITY IS OPTIMAL HEALTH, then I recommend following these guidelines to the best of your ability. 

Understanding Guideline Terminology:

Aerobic or Cardiovascular Activity is obtained by exerting or working hard enough to raise your heart rate so that you feel somewhat breathless.
If you become slightly breathless but are able to talk, this is considered MODERATE;  if you become too breathless to talk, this is considered VIGOROUS.

Attending low impact FITNESS CLASSES designed for your age group or fitness level, once or twice a week, will help you achieve these Guidelines.  
Many of these classes also include STRENGTH TRAINING.  Class participants are encouraged to work at their own pace.  Remember, NEVER exercise with PAIN, as this is a warning sign to ease off a little, or to STOP completely and rest.

If you are unable to exercise for a full 10 minutes, please DO NOT give up.  Take your time, pace yourself with rest periods, and you will be amazed at your progress over time!


Sally Sunshine FUN Fact #31

Just 15 minutes of DAYLIGHT each day can help

PREVENT the winter blues!

……by giving your body a good dose of vitamin D  ☀️(and if the sun is shining, EVEN BETTER but remember to dress appropriately for chilly temperatures). 🌞☀️

Sally Sunshine FUN Fact #30


Try this…..Write down EVERYTHING you eat & drink for 3 days.  Include ALL condiments, sauces, dressings, oils used in cooking…….OR use an ‘APP’ to track, there are many!
When you analyze your results you may unravel the mystery!

Are your portion sizes larger than necessary? 
Are you consuming needless calories by topping healthy food choices with a wee bit too much butter, mayo or salad dressing?
Try researching the number of calories in that glass wine, beer or cocktail!

Moderation & Balance are KEY!

Sally Sunshine FUN Fact #27


It’s hard to believe but, BRAIN SCANS have revealed that simply ‘imagining’ something provokes activity in the very parts of the brain that would have been active if you were having the real experience!

This suggests that ‘thinking yourself’ into happy situations (like eating a banana split?) could actually make you happier!

Sally Sunshine FUN Fact #25

DARK CIRCLES under the EYES is NOT necessarily a sign of tiredness!

They can also be caused by FOOD INTOLERANCES to such things as refined or processed foods, gluten, & often DAIRY PRODUCTS!

Eliminate each suspected culprit for several days & you may be pleasantly surprised by your results!

Sally Sunshine FUN Fact #24

Pull in your belly to PROTECT your BACK!

Poor CORE STRENGTH makes you more susceptible to INJURY & LOWER BACK PAIN, as the spine is forced into adopting unnatural positions.

To support your lower back, pull your navel inwards OFTEN, until it becomes automatic.